Just so that we’re absolutely clear on what you need to get going at one of our auctions, here it is step-by-step:

  1. The first, and most important step, for any Buyer at a WH Auction is to sign our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You can view a sample of them here, or give us a ring and we’ll make sure that you get a copy one way or the other. No-one may participate in our auctions without doing this, so do it now!
  2. Next, you need to make sure that you actually want to bid at our auction. Come through and take a look at the goods. Most of the time we’ll have a viewing time the day before the auction and  on the actual day of the auction before it commences. You’ll find out when by checking our adverts in the papers or here on our website.
  3. You then need to make sure that you have paid the deposit. Give us a shout and we’ll give you the banking details. Keep in mind that we don’t take cash. The amount for the deposit changes with each auction, but you can always find this out in our adverts or on our website. If in doubt, give us a call. Don’t worry, if you don’t buy anything, we’ll give this money back to you ASAP. Yes, all of it.
  4. When you come through to the auction, you need to bring your ID and a proof of residence. This can be your utilities bill or an account with your name and address on it (like an Edgars account, for example). If you’re bidding for your company, you’ll need to bring these and some other documents as laid out in our terms and conditions. We know, we know, all the paperwork, right?! Well, it’s a legal requirement, just like when you open a bank account or a new cell phone contract. We have to comply with NCA, CPA, FICA, and so do you.
  5. An auction house is a busy place – people, machinery and vehicles all around. Take a look around, but keep focused: we don’t like losing our customGot all that?
  6. Good. Then all you need to do is fill in our registration form and get your bid card. Remember, don’t let anyone else use your bid card or you will be responsible for anything that they buy.
  7. And then you’re ready to go. Wait for the lot to be called by the Auctioneer and start bidding. When you set yourself a limit, don’t forget that you still need to add VAT and a buyer’s premium to this amount. You’ll find some signs up on the auction day reminding you of this and giving you the exact amounts. If yours was the last bid when the hammer comes down, the goods belong to you. Well, almost …
  8. You’ll need to sign some more paperwork and complete payment with WH Auctions within a certain timeframe, but don’t worry, the Auctioneers, signage and our staff will tell you when.
  9. You’ll also have a timeframe in which to collect what you’ve bought. The sooner the better. It’s pretty busy here, and while we do our best to take care in our warehouses, we’d hate for your goods to be damaged before you collect them. Remember that the goods are now yours, so you may want to organise some insurance for them right away.
  10. Be responsible, but enjoy. And feel free to ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand.