About WH

Company Overview

Winterstein and Henderson are two trusted and well-known names in the auctioneering industry. We have taken this history and tradition and combined it with a fresh, youthful energy, merging trusted traditions with the latest in technology and innovation.

WH Auctions embraces the qualities of a family oriented outlook – of trustworthiness, hands-on assistance, and approachability. At WH Auctions you will never end up a number in a corporate switchboard, being transferred from department to department to get your question answered.

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller, looking for equipment or seeking out a valuation, you will find our team to be forward thinking, respectful and accessible.

WH Auctions focuses on Industrial Auctions, but we do also cater for the individual looking for homes, household furniture, cars and appliances.

And we’re Green! Not just our logo, but all of our business practices – from our policies on reusing assets in business rescue opertions, to the recycling of our packaging materials, to our green inspired charity initiatives – everything we do at WH Auctions is done with our environment and our children’s futures in mind.

We look forward to meeting you. Make the most of our years of experience and our professional assistance, or simply join us for an excellent cup of coffee and some sound advice.


When the family business of Aucor sold out to a larger corporation in 2011, Shannon Winterstein and Mathew Henderson decided to take their years of experience in auctioneering and bring that family feeling back to you with a fresh, new look.

WH Auctions is a growing business with a long-term vision. We may have been around the block a couple of times, but with our hands-on approach and experimental attitude, we’re sure to surprise you with some innovative, contemporary ideas.

With over 35 years of experience and an eagle-eye for good deals, WH Auctions are sure to become a household name. South Africa, auctioneering is about to be taken to a new level!

Executive Team

All ‘gurus’ of the auction industry, our executive team consists of Mathew Henderson, Shannon Winterstein, Tim Varenzakis and Nishan Hunsraj.

Mathew and Shannon are two well-known and distinguished auctioneers known for not just their extensive knowledge of all assets commercial and industrial, but also for their ability to hold the auction crowd with their friendly demeanours and sometimes risqué jokes. Testament to their knowledge is that both are Appraisers, appointed by the Minister of Justice.

With a commitment to servicing corporate clients, Tim’s forte is the ability to structure deals in inventive ways throughout Africa.

Linking buyers with sellers, Nishan heads up all marketing, media and online technology facilities for WH Auctioneers.

This powerful team has completed some of the largest disposals and valuations in Africa’s history.


At WH Auctions, we pride ourselves on creating ongoing, long-term relationships with our clients. We focus specifically on Corporate Auctions, and clients such as liquidators, attorneys, banks and transporters; or just about any small or large business with assets that they need to move efficiently and effectively.

Social Responsibility

We’re sure that by now you’ve heard of the three R’s of Recycling – Reduce Reuse Recycle. Well, Reuse is our middle name too. Auctions are a practical application of the Reuse maxim and we take this role seriously. WH Auctions provides a platform for used goods to find new homes, countering the throw-away culture and unsuring a slower growth of our landfills. We know that we live in a beautful country, and just like you, we’d like to keep it that way.

And in keeping with our family-oriented approach to business, we also have the welfare of our greater family in mind. That is why all charity work is done free of charge and we endeavour to involve ourselves in projects that are aimed at the upliftment of our society as a whole.

We’ll keep you updated here, and in the media, of our chairitable undertakings.