Scam Alert

Beware of Facebook, Marketplace & Gumtree Scams!

WH Auctions do not sell vehicles directly online or outside of any auctions. Any Facebook page, Marketplace or Gumtree advert claiming to sell a Bank Repo car before auction is scamming people. We do no recruit "agents" on Facebook to advertise for commission either.

Scammers will call or engage on WhatsApp and sound very convincing & professional claiming to work for WH Auctioneers, requesting a deposit payment to reserve a car from being auctioned. They will disappear with your money!

If unsure, contact our offices to verify. Dont fall for these scams. Dont make payments to Capitec. Visit our offices personally or speak to our staff directly via the landline numbers listed below only.

Contact us:
  • Phone: 011 574 5700 (578 16th Road, Midrand)
  • Phone: 021 204 0599 (17 Dacres Avenue, Epping 2, Cape Town)
  • WhatsApp Nishan: 072 868 6531
  • Email:

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