WH Auctioneers │ Our Services


What we do

WH Auctioneers specialises in bringing buyers and sellers together.

Our core auction activity is selling movable and immovable assets in earthmoving, mining, construction, commercial transport, passenger vehicles, manufacturing and commercial and industrial property.

The core auction product categories of WH Auctioneers are:

  • Commercial Trucks and Trailers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Mining Assets
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Complete Manufacturing Facilities
  • Bank Repossessed Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties

Who we serve

We work closely with business rescue practitioners, liquidators, attorneys, financial institutions, large listed corporates, companies that are closing voluntarily and businesses that needs to dispose of assets quickly, fairly, and professionally.

How we work

The defining characteristics of WH Auctioneers are experience and innovation.

Our industry know-how means professionally conducted auctions; our innovative culture ensures that our auction experiences are continuously evolving to satisfy customers; and we are true to our motto: “The way auctions should be”.

Why WH Auctioneers?

At WH Auctioneers, our reputation and size translate into auctions with healthy competition:

  • We hold approximately 100 auctions per year.
  • A typical auction has roughly 160 registered buyers, with around 400 at our bigger auctions.
  • We have email and SMS databases with over 100,000 targeted subscribers.
  • Webcast buyers account for approximately 30% of live auction sales.
  • Buyers from outside South Africa are responsible for 15% of auction sales.

Over the years, WH Auctioneers has evolved from providing the traditional mainstay auctioneering industry services to offering innovative and strategic solutions. These have unprecedented success for SMMES, corporates and multinationals.

What we offer

Our methodologies and functionalities include:

  • Live auctions with webcast link
  • Timed online auctions
  • Fully auditable auction system
  • Private treaty sales and tenders
  • Outright cash purchases of movable assets
  • Guaranteed auction sales - payment upfront, including profit share with seller
  • Sworn and forensic appraisals for secured creditors, financial institutions, business rescue, insolvency practitioners and attorneys
  • Appraisals in compliance with IFRS and GAAP
  • General notarial bond perfections on behalf of financial institutions.
  • Post-commencement asset-based finance in business rescue
  • Exports and logistics handling for large-calibre mining equipment
  • Disposal and purchases globally, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Full compliance with all FIC and FICA requirements, as well as all regulatory bodies
  • Trust accounts for clients' funds